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Domestic Custom Clearance at Origin


We are offering secure custom clearance at origin point of freight delivery for all types of shipment ways like air, sea and roadways as well. If you want successful custom clearance of freight, then consider the following guidelines.

Commercial Invoice

The following conditions should be considered for commercial invoice details:

  • Freight description including statistic codes (HS-codes)
  • Country of origin and destination
  • Packaging style and amount
  • Value per piece and total value of shipment
  • Currency of the transaction
  • Gross & Nett weight
  • Date of consignment issue
  • Source of importer and exporter
  • Bank details of the importer and exporter
  • Delivery conditions

Invoice Statement

The following statements must be written on the pro-forma of invoice:

The invoice statement should include details of place of issue, signature, date and the full name of the authorized person. If the exporter has authorization, then invoice of shipment with value of more than 6000 euro statement can also be used. The authorization number must be included on the invoice.

Note: The signature must be original and must be written with a blue pen/ink. A copy or stamp will not be considered.

With such effective services, we are ranking higher in cargo industry in India since long time. Interested? Contact us to delivery Domestic freight by air, train, air and other possible ways of shipment at any where in India and across the world as well.

Packing list

This document comprises details about items of shipment. A packing list is in case of export to customs countries not always compulsory, but it could abridge the custom’s norms. Make sure to check (in advance) whether a packing list is required.

Common tips

  • Do not place significant documents on the pallet. But, give them to the driver always.
  • Send a copy via of documents via e-mail to us, and then we can do a pre-check beforehand.
  • To do the export with us, you we need one time permit, so we can do the declaration for you.
  • Please use statistic numbers of your Invoice.

We have above custom clearance at origin norms that will not be compromised at all. So, all Domestic customers need to follow our guidelines without fail.

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